Mobile Data Roaming Charge Cost More Than Holiday Mobile Data Roaming Charge Cost More Than Holiday

Mobile Data Roaming Charge Cost More Than Holiday

New research from Citizens Advice has found some people have paid more to go online abroad than the holiday cost itself, due to data roaming charges.

The charity found one person had a £20,000 bill after she used her phone while on holiday in Turkey to upload pictures.

Although the majority of people may not end up with a bill into the tens of thousands, even a £500 bill would have serious financial consequences for most people.

It’s often these types of unexpected bills which lead people into much more serious financial problems, as it starts a domino effect. People will often use money assigned for rent/mortgage or council tax to repay the bill so they don’t lose their means of communication.

Avoid Data Roaming Charges

There are things people can do to reduce the risk of receiving a large phone bill due to data roaming costs, such as:

  • Select Bolt On Package: A lot of providers now offer a package which allows their customers to use their phone abroad at no additional cost. In some cases people may need to also include a cap which stops the internet being used once their monthly data limit has been reached. Some providers such as Three will offer a comprehensive package which means even if someone goes over their contractual allowance while abroad it won’t charge more than if they were still in the UK.
  • Turn Off Mobile Data: This will stop the phone accessing the internet unless it connects to a WIFI point. Mobile data can be switched off via settings, however this does mean having no internet access if there’s no WIFI option available.
  • Disable Push Notifications: People often forget that push notifications use the internet and if someone has an email account connected it can be costly.

Get Help For Mobile Phone Debt

If you have a large mobile phone debt either due to data roaming charges or other reasons, it’s important to seek advice quickly.

It’s easy for a large bill to have a knock on effect to a persons finances but there are options available to ease the problem.

Contact Debt Support Trust on 0800 085 0226 and we will assess the best solution to resolving your debt problem.




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