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House Prices Increase 12.1%

House prices in the UK have grown 12.1% in the year to September 2014, according to the latest house price index from the Office for National Statistics. This takes the average UK house price to £273,000 by the end of September 2014 with London continuing to outstrip the rest of the UK in growth. London house […]

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Could Interest Rate Rise Cause Increase In IVA Figures

There’s a fear the number of people entering an IVA across the UK could rise if interest rates were to increase as the Bank of England have been discussing. The Halifax said the recent talk of interest rates rising could “curb” house buying in the UK, due to a recent report it published showing housing price […]

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Bank of England Given Addition Housing Market Powers

The Bank of England will be given additional powers to reduce the boom/bust nature of the housing market which caused the recent economic problems. The new powers will include setting the loan-to-income ratio which will stop people borrowing more than they can afford to repay should interest rates change. One of  the most common problems people […]

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