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Personal Insolvency Falls To 10 Year Low

The number of people entering personal insolvency debt solutions in England & Wales has fallen to the lowest level for 10 years. Between April and June 18,866 individuals were declared insolvent, down 29.3% from the same period last year, according to the Insolvency Service. There were 26,668 insolvencies during the same quarter in 2014. Insolvency debt solutions which […]

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Avoid “Write off Debt” Claims

We’ve all heard those adverts on the radio which claim to be “government backed debt solutions” which can “write off debt”, but these should be avoided. While these adverts are often promoting the IVA debt solution, they are doing so in a misleading manner. An IVA can help people repay only a percentage of their […]

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Could Interest Rate Rise Cause Increase In IVA Figures

There’s a fear the number of people entering an IVA across the UK could rise if interest rates were to increase as the Bank of England have been discussing. The Halifax said the recent talk of interest rates rising could “curb” house buying in the UK, due to a recent report it published showing housing price […]

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